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AHOK - The Governor Of Jakarta

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, famously known all over Indonesia as AHOK, is a unique and extremely popular political figure. The Governor of Jakarta is recognized to be a clean politician fighting against corruption to make Jakarta a successful global city who has risen alongside JOKOWI, the current President of Indonesia, also a clean and very popular leader for all Indonesians. As a Chinese Indonesian Christian leading the capital city of the largest Muslim populated country in the world, AHOK is a symbol of tolerance, diversity, harmony and peace among all citizens whatever their origin or background. AHOK is the pride of Indonesia. He embodies the national motto of Indonesia “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” meaning “Unity In Diversity”. As a non-Muslim leader, AHOK is the constant target of Islamic hardliners and extremists who threaten his life and try to bring him down by all means. Despite those threats, he continues bravely to fight for Jakarta and Indonesia hitting down on corruption and graft and making Jakarta a better city to live in.

Who ahok

Who is Ahok?

 The Governor of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama known all over Indonesia by his nickname AHOK is an outstanding political phenomenon with unprecedented levels of popularity as shown in all credible surveys, which is especially remarkable given the fact AHOK is both a religious and ethnic minority leading the capital city of the largest Muslim populated country on Earth. A great sign of Indonesian tolerance and respect for diversity. A positive example for the world. Even before campaigning for reelection, over ONE MILLION Jakarta citizens had pledged their support to AHOK by providing a photocopy of their identity card (KTP in Indonesian) allowing him if he chose to run as an independent since AHOK doesn’t belong to any political party. Another AHOK exception. Today AHOK is under attack and threatened to death by radical groups and terrorists. AHOK needs your support.

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Short Biography

Meaning of 'AHOK'

The nickname "AHOK" comes from his father. The late Indra Tjahja Basuki Purnama wanted AHOK to be a successful person so he gave him a special nickname, ie "Banhok". The word "Ban" itself means tens of thousands, while "Hok" means learning. When combined, both words mean "learning in all fields." Eventually, Banhok became Ahok.


AHOK was born on 29 June 1966 in the town of Manggar, East Belitung, Indonesia. His father was Indra Tjahaja Purnama and his mother Buniarti Ningsih. He is married to Veronica Tan and has three children Nicholas, Nathania and Daud Albeenner.


  • Bachelor from Trisakti University, Jakarta (1990)

  • MBA from Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Jakarta (1994)

Professional career

  • Executive Director of the Center for Democracy and Transparency (CDT 3.1)

  • Director of PT Nurindra Ekapersada (1992-2005)

  • Financial and cost analyst at PT Simaxindo Primadaya (1994-1995)

  • Construction pioneer of Air Kelik Industrial Area (1994)


Local Council Member in East Belitung (2004-2005): During his campaign, AHOK refuses to distribute money to get elected. Instead, he gives away his name card to everyone he meets since his only goal is to serve the people who can contact him anytime. AHOK replies directly to mobile phone calls and he refuses all corruption during his term.

Regent of East Belitung (2005-2007):

AHOK institutes a universal health insurance system and free education for all. Due to his performance he gets national recognition when he is named by Tempo magazine in 2006 as one of the 10 leaders who are changing Indonesia. He is also named as an anti-corruption leader the same year.

Campaign for Governor of Bangka Belitung Province (2007)

AHOK loses according to the Supreme Court. AHOK is fully supported during his campaign by KH. Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur), former President of Indonesia and major Islamic cleric respected by all.

Member of Parliament (2009-2012)

AHOK continues with his BTP principles of clean leadership and advocates for anti-corruption laws like proof of integrity for public officials. He is famous for being the voice of the people in Parliament. He institutes full transparency by uploading all his budget spending reports online.

Vice-Governor of Jakarta (2012-2014)

AHOK is chosen by current President of Indonesia JOKOWI and then candidate for Governor of Jakarta to be his running mate due to his track record. Both leaders are famous for being pragmatic, clean and competent leaders. JOKOWI-AHOK becomes one of the most famous political duos in Asia.

Governor of Jakarta (2014-Now)

Since JOKOWI is elected as President of the Republic of Indonesia, AHOK becomes the Governor of Jakarta and continues to bring great positive change to the city. Corruption is tracked down and the saved money is systematically allocated to infrastructure and social welfare for the people. All meetings are broadcasted live, even sensitive ones focusing on budget to support transparency and accountability. People can visit AHOK freely every day at the City hall to submit requests and complain about anything. Jakarta becomes a true Smart City with digital bringing even better service and performance to the people. AHOK attends his citizens’ weddings every weekend and frequently checks program progress directly on the field.

Due to his recognized performance, over 1 million identity cards (KTP) of Jakarta citizens are collected to support AHOK for reelection as Governor of Jakarta in 2017.


Due to his performance and anticorruption leadership, AHOK has received numerous awards notably:

  • 10 Leaders changing Indonesia award from Tempo magazine (2006)

  • Golden Pin from Democracy Forum (Fordeka) (2006)

  • Anticorruption Leader 2006award from Koalisi Kebersamaan Tiga Pilar Kemitraan (2007)

  • Bung Hatta Anti-Corruption Award (2013)

  • Gus Dur Award (2016) – Ahok’s gait in politics and government is judged to be in line with the thinking of beloved former President of Indonesia and Islam cleric Abdurrahman Wahid famously known as Gus Durwho was not afraid to fight for social justice.

Why ahok

Why Ahok?

As the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia is a successful emerging democratic country based on pluralistic and tolerant constitutional principles. Indonesia means diversity with its hundreds of different languages and ethnicities all living together in peace. Indonesia is a tremendously precious example of unity in diversity for the world to see. Indonesian diversity and pluralism must be cherished and preserved to support local and global peace. In this context, on top of being a great and respected leader, AHOK is symbolically extremely important as an agent of peace among cultures, religions and peoples; especially given the chaotic global context.



Since it is paramount the rights of all citizens whatever their origins are protected and that anyone is allowed to lead based on competence and integrity. It is the condition of peace and harmony among all religious and ethnic groups in Indonesia and the world.


Since as an ethnic and religious minority figure AHOK is leading the largest Muslim populated global city on the planet. It truly shows the world the tolerance of the Indonesian society at large.


Since AHOK as a Christian Chinese Indonesian can lead a city composed of citizens from many different ethnicities and who are Muslim citizens in their vast majority. This makes Indonesia totally unique in the world.


Since with the support of Jokowi, the President of Indonesia, AHOK has been at the forefront of the battle against corruption and for clean government


Since AHOK is the constant target of radicals and extremists who are threatening his life because they hate what he represents. The fight against fanatics never stops! AHOK needs your support!


Since although under threat, AHOK keeps fighting for the people to make Jakarta a better city. Radicals and extremists of all kinds must be defeated! AHOK must prevail. His rights as a citizen must be protected.


Since for the first time in decades Jakarta is finally on the right development track with better infrastructure, better waste management, no more flooding and of course far less corruption and grafts Since corrupt or incompetent bureaucrats are fired on the spot by AHOK.


Since AHOK is under attack as an ethnic and religious minority by religious extremists. AHOK is notably defended by AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL



Since all the above points are the conditions of peace. AHOK means tolerance, diversity, courage, fighting extremism, supporting human rights, fighting corruption and supporting clean leadership. AHOK therefore means peace for Indonesia. AHOK means peace for the world